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Hotel "Genghis Khan" is worth not just in the historic center of the capital of the Republic of Buryatia – Ulan-Ude. And one of the first and main streets. It is out of the windows of the hotel offers a place Udinsk founding of the city (1666city) - of Verkhneudinsk (1730city) - Ulan-Ude (1934city)

Ulan-Ude was founded in the middle 17 century as the Cossack Udi cabin at the confluence of the Selenga and Uda. Place the base is located on the rocky right bank of the Uda River, at its confluence with the Selenga, at the base of the Victory Avenue. It was here in 1666 It was founded Udi cabin, and around which the city grew Verkhneudinsk. These events shows a memorial stone and two Orthodox Cross.

A place, chosen for the foundation of the city, It considered sacred Buryat. Verkhneudinsk (this name was later the city) soon it became an important trading center, due to its location on the caravan route from Moscow to China.



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it 93 comfortable rooms with a view of the central streets of the city of Ulan-Ude. Each of the hotel - a combination of natural and environmentally friendly materials with modern technology and high standards of comfort, it has everything you need for this work and leisure.

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